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Buy Japanese erasers wholesale.  There is The Only Online Wholesale Source for all 722 authentic Japanese erasers really made in Japan. Over 400 Japanese erasers are only available from us, they are the best sellers, the only online wholesale source for all Japanese erasers, worldwide, and we are the ones who started the Japanese erasers trend.  No price is published on this website, this website is served as informational for the public, we do not sell to the public directly, we do not compete against our retailer customers.  WE STOCK IN CALIFORNIA AND JAPAN, WE SHIP FROM CALIFORNIA, USA.

Our Wholesale Accounts receive the following benefits:

  • Wholesale pricing on all qualifying purchases, usually 50% off listed retail prices.
  • One FAIR price for everyone, tiny neighborhood store or big buyers, in Japan or USA or Australia or Africa, same price. You don't pay a penny more and you don't have to bargain.
  • World's most extensive collection of authentic Japanese puzzle erasers.
  • Fast 1-2 days shipping with no extra charge.
  • Convenient low minimum order and minimum amount for free freight in U.S.A.
  • Dedicated professional services with 34 years of experience.  We treat you right and fair, we are lean and fast.
  • Non-aggresive marketing, no telemarketing, we don't chase after you for orders.
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THE OFFICIAL JAPANESE ERASER MUSEUM IS MOVING TO www.EraserMuseum.com.  Previous location www.IwakoUSA.com will be closed soon.

The official Japanese Eraser Museum must include ALL authentic Japanese erasers, not just erasers made by one of the two remaining eraser factories in Japan, Dream Zensinsyoji and Iwako. The previous web address iwakoUSA.com does not truely reflect the all inclusive nature of the Japanese Eraser Musuem.  We hope to continue to serve you at this new location.

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Awarded to BC USA Kawaii erasers

There are many poor quality counterfeit erasers made in China, but advertised as "Japanese erasers".  Everything Japan designed and made has been copied, often made in very dirty poor condition heavy poluting Chinese factories, they are made cheaply and the material is not as soft and dense as real Japanese erasers, they leave a powery substance on your hands, they fall apart easily and don't fit right.   Even if the website name or advertising say "Japanese Erasers" but actually all are counterfeit China made erasers. Be careful what and where you buy authentic made in Japan "Japanese erasers." 

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DREAM ERASERS made by a small Japanese Eraser boutique factory, they are true collector's erasers because they are hard to find and in very limited supply.  For those few serious collectors who want to own the rare erasers, Dream Erasers designed and made by Zensinsyoji in Japan are the only choice. Dream is one of only 2 true eraser makers left in Japan.
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Click to see our shows and showrooms
08000 CE Warning labels 60 a sheet

No.08000 CE WARNING LABEL, CHOKING HAZARD, NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 8 YEARS OLD. Our products do not have CE mark, these CE labels are available by request at no charge for customers.

Kawaii Japanese puzzle erasers made in Japan by Iwako and Dream Zensinsyoji, authentic original designs and premium Japanese quality.